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"You wanted your ads VIEWABLE? Why didn’t you say so? We thought you just wanted to pay us for…well, for being like so hip & cutting edge & totally techno & having like metrics & data & shit."

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"Escaping digital disruption trap is by no means easy. Surviving prolonged digital disruption requires self-disruption through devolved decision making & continuous system redesign. Kaizen thinking. Large corporations like Microsoft can’t do this very easily because they’re not structured to make those kinds of decisions. They are, socially speaking, invested in their business culture to the detriment of their original purpose."

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In 1980, McKinsey & Company was commissioned by AT&T (whose Bell Labs had invented cellular telephony) to forecast cell phone penetration in the U.S. by 2000. The consultant’s prediction, 900,000 subscribers, was less than 1% of the actual figure, 109 Million. Based on this legendary mistake, AT&T decided there was not much future to these toys. A decade later, to rejoin the cellular market, AT&T had to acquire McCaw Cellular for $12.6 Billion. By 2011, the number of subscribers worldwide had surpassed 5 Billion and cellular communication had become an unprecedented technological revolution.

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"When you see someone with one of those GoPro Hero 3 cameras strapped to her chest, it’s a signal to the world that she is about to do something awesome"

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By the time there is a case study in your specific industry, it’s going to be way too late for you to catch up.

Put aside your need for a step-by-step manual and instead realise that analogies are your best friend.


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IT departments seem to be set up as a forced internal vendor. From the start, they have a monopoly on the “computer problem”.

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"Social itself does not have an ROI, what’s more important is the ROI of the projects you apply it to. #Wimbledon"

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I managed 31s before it became uncomfortable. I dare you to watch this entire video.

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The last thing I want when starting to run is an injury. I hear most runners suffer injuries from at some point and, even though I’m starting off gently, if I don’t stretch properly I guess it’s only a matter of time before I become a statistic.

Steady movements with good, precise form are the most productive for stretching and I’ve found yoga/pilates is a fantastic way of learning how to move…

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The new bottom line. Casey Gerald inspires HBS class to find purpose. Watch this guy.

Casey Gerald, Harvard MBA graduate and co-founder of MBAs Across America gave a truly remarkable commencement address to his graduating class in May 2014.

If you wanted to change the world in the 20th century, you went to law school. To change the world now, he went to business school.

“As we leave this place for the last time, some…

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First to market is not the most important issue;
Technical excellence in one area is not enough - all technical aspects matter;
For all mass-manufactured objects the winner is usually the one that is ‘just good enough’.

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"Banks must evolve rather than simply meeting “significant regulatory needs.” Firms that “navigate regulatory reforms & marry customer-driven innovation with the right culture” will succeed."

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"Chief innovation officer connects company’s growth strategy with decisions/focus of leadership team & translates that into innovation agenda."